I design and program web applications in a variety of programming languages. I strive to stay in tune with the trends of the industry and to produce code that is readable, sensible, and maintainable. I work in PHP, Python, JavaScript/Node.js and have experience in Java, C#, and a few other languages. I'm fond of Postgres and have plenty of experience in MySQL as well. I've worked extensively with jQuery. While I am excited about the React/flux paradigm, I am more intrigued by front end libraries such as Vue.js. I am a skilled Drupal developer. I maintain Drupal modules and submit patches to Drupal projects. I have presented and run training at technical events including Drupalcon. I am highly analytical and enjoy sharing my knowledge through teaching. I have been involved in teaching throughout my career and currently hold a full time faculty position.

Current Employment

Full Time Faculty - Community College of Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia

Instruct classes in the fields of Web Technologies and Computer Science. Related courses include Computer Science I, JavaScript I, Web Design I, and Fundamentals of Linux and Unix. Create new classes related to the field of Web Development. Revise classes. Report on student outcomes. Provide advice to students about classes and career options. Computer Science material includes the historical context of computers and computer applications, programming constructs, algorithms and problem solving techniques, data types and memory management, Object-Oriented Programming concepts, and software design patterns. Web Development material includes management of Linux operating system, HTML and CSS programming, JavaScript programming, file organization, and development of reusable components.