I design and program software and web applications. I strive to stay in tune with the trends of the industry and to produce code that is readable, sensible, and maintainable. I focus on creating secure systems and protecting users from data theft and computer threats. I work mostly in JavaScript/Node.js but also write PHP, Python, and Java.

I try to use Open Source Software exclusively. My database of choice is PostgreSQL but I spend a good deal of time in MariaDB/MySQL as well. While I am excited about the React/flux paradigm, I prefer front end libraries such as Vue.js.

I am a skilled Drupal developer. I maintain Drupal modules and have presented and run training events at technical conferences including DrupalCon. I enjoy sharing my knowledge through teaching. I have been involved in teaching throughout my career and currently hold a full-time faculty position.

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Assistant Professor at Community College of Philadelphia
I currently teach classes in the fields of web technologies and computer science.

Senior Software Architect at Zivtech
I developed web applications and led development teams.

GIS Software Developer at Azavea
I created web applications focused on mapping and geospatial data.


REThink Fellow 2018 and 2019
A NSF research fellowship run by Drexel University to support the teaching of machine learning.
2019 Research Website
2018 Research Website

Code Contributions

Talks & Presentations

Drupaldelphia 2016
Continuous Delivery with Drupal

Drupaldelphia 2013
Intro to Data Migration
Slides and Examples

DrupalCamp NJ 2013
Understanding high performance caching with SSL
Audio and Slides

Drupaldelphia 2012
What is Drupal and why should I care?

Drupaldelphia 2011
Building an awesome site in 45 minutes


Temple University

Master of Science, Information Science & Technology

New York University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film Production, Mathematics