I am a Web developer

writer, teacher, and tinkerer. I am an advocate of open source software and development. I am currently employed at Zivtech, a technology and development firm focused on creating custom web applications and software. In addition to helping lead projects and create systems for clients, I am one of the devopers of our software-as-a-service Q/A and Continuous Integration tool called Probo. I also help run the company's infrastructure and manage staff. We work in Node.js, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Puppet, and lean heavily on Drupal as a framework.

In addition to daily work at Zivtech, I am a visiting professor of Web development at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico, working through a distance learning initiative. I am responsible for first and second level Web design classes and developed a curriculum for an advanced CSS design class.

I've worked with Java and several other programming languages. I've be recently become a big fan of Ansible and Vue.js.

Clients of my professional development work include the New Mexico Department of Health, Outside Magazine, Public Broadcasting Atlanta, and CommuteSmart Birmingham.