About Me

Here's what I used to say about myself:

"Laurence Liss first became interested in film production trying to learn the stop-motion animation techniques used by Ray Harryhausen in such classic films asĀ Jason and the Argonauts. As a teen Liss used these techniques to produce a public service announcement about underage drinking. The film won Panasonic's New Vision Award. This led him to consider education and careers in media arts.

A graduate of New York University with a double major in film production and mathematics, Laurence Liss is a creative and analytical content creator. He has been working with non-linear editing systems for more than ten years and has been a high-level editor for several national magazines. Liss has helped national publishing companies launch multimedia initiatives.

Due to his strong involvement with Internet content and media, Liss began working directly with HTML and CSS code. His skill as a Web developer led to an adjunct faculty position in theĀ Media Arts Department of Santa Fe Community College."

I'm hesitant to change it much because it's still true. The problem is that most of the work I do now is computer programming. While I continue to use my video and graphics skills, these days it tends to only enhance the work I do for Web sites. It shouldn't be terribly difficult to see how or why I started out as a writer/content creator and ended up as a coder... as media moved to the Internet, I started finding ways to put it there. Much of the transition came from the fact that I like to understand the basic structure of things, and when it comes to computers, the deeper one delves, the more one realizes how much there is to learn.

So now I'm a web developer and college instructor. I have a Master's degree in Information Science and Technology. I'm also taking development to the physical world, working with hardware thanks to Arduino and Raspberry Pi.