I am a software architect and computer scientist but my knowledge and skills lean toward the practical. I enjoy writing code and designing the interaction of software systems. I have a strong focus on secure applications and computer security.

I came to the field of computer programming through web development and specifically through editorial content.

Early on, I became interested in film production trying to learn stop-motion animation. This led me to consider education and careers in media arts.

I graduated of New York University with a double major in film production and mathematics. I am often told this is a strange combination. The combination of analytical and creative skills was useful as I found jobs in publishing. As an editor for several national magazines, I helped companies launch websites and multimedia initiatives.

As the technical demands of magazine websites increased, I began writing my own HTML and CSS code. This led to an interest in PHP programming and programming in general. My skill as a web developer led to an adjunct faculty position at Santa Fe Community College.

I went on to earn a Master’s degree in Information Science and Technology from Temple University.

Today most of my work is a combination of computer programming, teaching, and research. This is a great combination. I feel that to be a good teacher, you must constantly be interested in learning and exploring.